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Firework Show

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We present to your author's event - Fireworks Show!

About the event:
The event, which includes a mini-game and a fireworks show.
The event will last from 20\06\19 to 11\07\19
The period of the fallout of the event item: 20\06\19 to 11\07\19.
The validity of the event NPC: 20\06\19 to 11\07\19.
Event items:
From all mobs in the world will drops:
Inactive Crystals
You need them to:
  • Participation in a mini-game (5 inactive crystals);
  • Charge these very crystals (5 inactive crystals);
  • Charge the magical spheres with these crystals;
  • Create a unique show of fireworks.
Charge crystals mini-game:
Along the perimeter of Aden on the towers are 16 multi-colored spheres. Your task is to charge your crystals (Inactive Crystals) from 5 of them.
It is possible to move between spheres only in 3 directions:
  • Through one sphere clockwise (2 steps forward)
  • One sphere counterclockwise (1 step back)
  • To the opposite end (8 steps forward)
The number of moves between spheres is limited. The rest of you are marked with a green charge at the top of the dialogue with the sphere.
Location spheres:
In the dialogue with the spheres you will see:
  • Spheres to be found;
  • Your current position;
  • Available towers to go;
  • The location of other spheres on the towers (if you hover the cursor);
  • And also, the charge responsible for the number of moves you have left.

Moving between towers, you need to charge 5 crystals from those spheres that will be selected in a dialogue with the sphere.


Aden Square:

In addition to the spheres on the towers, there are also 16 Inactive Spheres (uncharged spheres) on Aden Square.
After completing the task and charging the crystals, you can return to the square and activate these spheres.

In order to activate the sphere, you need to use one of the charged crystals on it. If you guess, then the sphere is activated. In this case, you will receive 20 Apiga + possible additional prize.

When all the spheres on the square are activated at the same time, an amazing fireworks show will start! Believe me, this sight will not leave anyone indifferent! A good location of the Christmas tree and magical spheres will allow you to make many beautiful and unforgettable screenshots.

Prizes and bonuses:
When the spheres use up their entire charge, they deactivate again, leaving behind valuable prizes. They are deactivated gradually, each sphere has its own timer.

Prizes that an active participant can receive

  • Apiga coins that can be exchanged for items on merchant.
  • Adena.
  • Enchant-scroll
  • Blessed Enchant-scroll
  • Useful Elixirs / Vitality Elixirs
  • CA crystals of different levels.
  • Top A-grade weapons.
  • Recipes for S-grade.
  • Recipes for A-grade.
  • Hair accessory


Players who do not want to participate - can also get a small bonus by visiting the show. Follow the chat and game announcements!

A little about the merchant: The merchant does not stand still, and teleports! You can find it either in Aden, or in Giran, or in Goddard castle town!

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