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update 06.07.2019

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For classes Prophet / Hierophant will be added a new skill.
This skill is transformation into an alternative version of class- improved prophet.
From 56th level you can learn it


Skill has 4 levels of learning. 
Using, you transform into Prophet with buffs for all party members.


How it looks:


You have protection magic, what i can learn on your level. If you have "Berserker Spirit"in transformation, then this is same buff but for all party members.
You have only skills of transformation.
Duration of effects - 10 minutes. PoF - 5 minutes. 
There is a difference in only one skill, at the 79th level (4th level of transformation).
This is Mystic Immunity for all party members.

Duration time - 6 seconds. 
Re-use time - 1 hour. 


More information on each level.
Level 56: 


Level 70: 


Level 74: 


Level 79: 


- Grand Olympiad now has no limits for battles. 
- At the end 1/5 points will be taken away (without limit of 10 points)
- Now you can not use Blessed Spiritshots for pets on Olympiad battles
- Grand Olympiad cycle lasts for 2 weeks

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