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update 5\06\19

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  • Access to Hellbound Island
    • Access to the island is open (13 lvl)
    • Quest for access are available.
    • The NPC Hude \ Jude replaced the issuance of rewards for the quest. Now gives out pieces and recipes for S-grade weapons \ jewelry \ armor
    • Matras and his quests are available.
    • Instance zone to the citadel is available.
    • The citadel is available.
    • Essence for S-grade armor upgrade available for his quests.
    • Added a system for upgrading the gear for special essence at NPC Shaday, available for S-grade sets, sets get class properties
  • Recipes for Major Arcana Robe \ Draconic Leather Armor are no longer used. Now there are 2 recipes for the top and bottom. They are mined by the standard method. Ancient Adena for printout is equalized with Imperial Crusader. You can still craft these recipes, but the thing will require division (a little later, there will be an exchange of one general recipe, into 2 divided ones)
  • Advanced Block and its bonuses are fixed in the Club Buffer, now the buff is hanging for 1 hour
  • Reduced price on Dualsword Craft stamp in the event.
  • Added missing PVP items.
  • Heroes 81 levels available skills.
  • Quest sections of 7 seals were corrected, experience will be corrected today (restart is not required).

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