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[Contest] How do you spent your Holidays?

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Dear players!

Easter is already past, but I still have got Easter Eggs lying on a table and Chocolate Bunny looks out from somewhere.... Our May holidays also passed....  And which holidays you celebrated abroad? Maybe somebody have got Birthday in a last few days? Probably u may think that our team have a lot of recreation, leisure time and BBQ parties as well as more interesting stuff, BUT is not about us... Admins, support and developers doesn't have day offs.. We either fix bugs with Icarus weapons, or tune our server to show the best gaming experience on Lineage II server!

Then why you don't tell us how your Easter or May holidays went and get some tasty prizes for it, so we could rest while reading your stories?

I know that some of our community are geeks and prefer to rest in game somewhere in Dion. Therefore You will need to chose one of the categories for your story: My holidays in real life or My holidays on L2R server


  • My holidays in real life
    • Write a short story about how your holidays went (at least 4 sentences);
    • The story should have at least 2 photos from the holidays.
  • My holidays on L2R server
    • Write a short story about how your holidays went on our L2R server (at least 4 sentences);
    • The story should have at least 1 photo with your gaming desk and opened L2R server.

How we gonna evaluate the stories?

  • Sense of humor;
  • Originality;
  • Unique style;
  • And the most important thing - you should share with your emotions regarding the past holidays so it will be interesting to read!


  • 1st place - Costume + New Accessories;
  • 2nd place - Costume + Old Accessories;
  • 3rd place - Costume;
  • All participants 20 Units on your Forum account and 2 Valhalla Red Socks.

* Works are accepted until 13th of May.

Please publish your stories here.

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