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2nd Stage of L2Remastered

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Server evolve

2 chapter has begin

March 19 at 10:00 GMT+3!


Attention! Everyone needs to update the client via the Lineage2Remastered.exe update to get all the new content.

Before reading a bunch of text and exploring the features of chapter 2, I want to show you POWER!

Giran on Lineage 2 Remastered



When does the Second Chapter begin?

March 19 at 10:00 GMT+3!

What awaits us in the Second Chapter?

  • Maximum character level - 75;
  • quest for sub-class available;
  • The level of epic boss Zaken raised to level 70;
  • The game store will be updated.;
  • Combo buffs will be available for learning, you need to buy for Adena and Unit Forgotten Scrolls (learning by double tapping);
  • Hero skills available at 75th level;
  • Hero weapon (grade - А);
  • Features of character skills can be seen in this topic;
  • ALL Olympiad jewelry, Olympiad goods and Marks of Battle will be deleted, except for the one that was obtained from the chests on the daily quest of the Olympiad;
  • Changes at Olympiad (weekly limitations in battles, more details in /olympiadstat);
  • Fixed the display of M.def for fake jewelry and replicas


  • Pailaka for 61th level:


In the near future, at second chapter will be available next features:

  • "9 hours" raid bosses of level 60/65/70/75 (similar to Lineage 2 Classic) will be added. A detailed description will be available later;
  • Castle dungeon;
  • Fortress dungeon;
  • Royal Guard skills;
  • Announces of epic bosses respawn.

Additional information:

  • The next mammon will appear at March 25 (if the conditions of the seals are met);
  • Next heros at April 1;

Nearest features?

  • We have the content of different chronicles of L2 in the depths of our version of the game. I personally would like us to adapt as quickly as possible such content as an epic quest, various  party dungeons and other solo dungeons that would diversify the solo / group content of the game. What is your opinion on this?

Requirements for chapter 3 depend on the players, details.

Information for L2 content makers or other MMORPG

  • We are ready to collaborate on creating content about our server in order to attract even more players. Our task at the moment is to popularize Lineage 2 Remastered in all possible ways. If you make video / text content related to games - write to us on any of the methods of communication. For example, in a personal to me on the forum or in our social networks.


You ask, when we had highest online on our server?

I will answer: And this is god damn right!




Dion at Lineage 2 Remastered





First Sieges


First Territorial Wars



War and fights for every EPIC BOSS!


Core and Orfen!


About Lineage 2 Remastered in 2019

It has been more than two weeks after the launch of our UNIQUE server. I remind you that it’s impossible to find such a server now, we are the only ones. I predict that projects copying our ideas will appear very soon, as the indicators of the number of unique users and the general interest of the audience in Lineage 2 Remastered are impressive.

Together with our players, we make our way through all the difficulties for the entire Russian and European freeshard l2 community. We showed everyone, and those who earn in the L2 market and those who have fun enjoying the game that the game is alive, the community is ready to accept unique projects. I will even say more - the community l2 WAITED for such move.

When I wrote the last article addressing to players, I was slightly afraid about expense, stability of our concept, limited deadlines and a lot other small problems that could become critical for the project. But now I clearly see the interest of the players and any doubts have passed. Now we have a unique trend in the number of active playing players. We have one of the best products on the l2 market, for converting a lead into a client, and that is what “Interest in the game” on the part of users keeps us in good shape and motivates us to work.

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