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Lineage 2 Remastered - all the best of the L2 chronicles!

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Server Description

We have been creating the Lineage 2 servers since 2005, and we want to be something more.

The year 2019 has begun, the trend of Lineage 2 audience inquiries is growing in favor of the Classic chronicles. You cannot ignore trends, ordinary Interlude, Gracia Final or High Five servers will not run away, and decent Classic files are not available now. From this day we announce the creation of our own version of the game that we all love.

We will start from small to grow in something more. We would like to mention - the server will be for people, play will be comfortable and familiar. Enjoy the game.

Advertising in exactly 1 month on all effective advertising channels, all large projects start advertising in less than a month.

Server Start Date - March 1, 2019

Trade Market from the start with the withdrawal of real money. Without purchased clans, but we will distribute information in advance to all known leaders of official and pirated servers. Yes, so distribute that every pup will know.

From the technical part - more up-to-date optimization of the game client is available now, has personally tested it for more than a month and has not received any client critical error.


Now we can turn to the first version of our chronicles. We are glad to present you:

Lineage 2 Remastered - the best of all L2 chronicles.

A fair balance of 31 classes and 5 classic races according to High Five (There is neither Artey nor Kamael), without 80+ skills, the difference from Interlude to high-end content is almost not noticeable, at least for those who play hardcore. And those who live in the game and powerlevel - immediately will feel the full perspective of this idea. You can play any class and not feel slighted. But the standard Mages and Archers didn’t become worse, and this is fair balance.

The maximum level is 80. Hardcore character development and classical economics, craft and spoil gear from D to S grade from Interlude. Interlude locations and mobs.

System instanced zones for party raids with looking-for-group system - for a comfortable game alone and in mini-party.

Olympiad available from 55 level where any class can be relevant, with a variety of arenas. Reward and daily tasks for participation in the Olympiad.

New Lineage 2 chronicles have collected all the best of the Chronicles from Interlude to High Five, which makes them look like Classic. Graphics and optimization of the HF game client, with the subsequent transition to the Classic client.

The official Trade Market where you can earn real money selling game values - from the very very begining of the server.

The reward for visiting the epic raids for each member of the clan and the reward for joining and improving the clan. Epic bosses with a fixed epic respawn time - evening.

The start of the new server is scheduled by chapters. The chapters set the maximum character level available:

  • 1 Chapter - maximum level 60
  • 2 Chapter - maximum level 75
  • 3 Chapter - maximum level 80

All game content is always available - no other limits than the maximum level of the character.

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