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Transfer your character Midgard x5.

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Dear players of Midgard x5!
Duo to critical low online on the server we are offering to transfer your character to the Interlude Final x7, which is going to be merged with currect x25.
To transfer your character you would need to contact our support team via Control Panel until 01.10.2018.

Terms of transfer:
1. You can transfer up to 3 characters from 1 Master Account.
2. Character should be 76 level or higher.
3. List of items, that can be trasfered is limited:
Can be transfered up to 5 sets, higher then A-grade (included):
LS will not be transfered.
Maximum enchant of armor and jewelry - +6, weapon - +12.
4. Only 1 Epic set can be transfered (so if characters has 3 - only 1 will be transfered).
EXCEPTION:  Earring of Antharas and Necklace of Valakas. Instead of them you will receive Earring of Zaken and Necklace of Frintezza.
5. List of items that will not be transfered:
Items D-B grade.
Resources, key parts etc, adena more then 1kkk.
6. Skills enchantment will not be transfered as well, however you will receive Noblesse Gate Passes, wich you can exchange on - Giant Codex, Giant Codex - Mastery.
Thanks and good luck!

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