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Valhalla-Age Project Rules

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Project rules and Regulations


Last update: April 01, 2017. 


1. Rights and Obligations of Parties: 

1.1. The Administration reserves the right to change and modify this Agreement stored on the Server without any prior notice. 
1.2. Ignorance of the current rules and obligations does not discharge players from liabilities. 
1.3. All the players must autonomously monitor changes of the Agreement. 
1.4. The Administration of the Server is not liable for any damages arising from your use of the game on the current Server. 
1.5. The Administration is not responsible for any temporary or permanent failure that renders it impossible to use the Server for a single player of a group of players. 
1.6. The Administration reserves the right to terminate access to the Server for a player of a subnetwork at any time and without any notice of the reason. 
1.7. The Administration shall not be obliged to refund your fees or recover your items lost as a result of any failure of the Server. Server security breaches shall be considered as a separate case. 
1.8. In the case of an interruption of the Server, the Administration shall take the actions necessary to restore the Server as promptly as practicable. 
1.9. Players must abide by requirements of the Administration and the guidelines of the current Agreement. 
1.10. The holder of an account is responsible for all the actions performed under the account regardless of who committed the actions. Repeated violation of the rules by the same IP-address results in a ban. 
1.11. If any player faced violation of any article of the current Agreement by another player or a GM, the aggrieved player has the right to file a complaint in accordance with the Article 11 of the current Agreement. 


2. Interaction with the Administration, forum moderators, game masters, project developers and etc.: 

2.1. It is prohibited to address the Administration without any extreme necessity. If you submit a request to the Administration, the request must include an accurate description of your problem or your question regarding the performance of the Server (the Administration reserves the right to dismiss a request without answering). 
2.2. A contempt for the Administration is prohibited. 
2.3. It is prohibited to post threats, requests, pleas, etc. addressing the Administration of the Server in the forum and in the game. 
2.4. It is prohibited to interfere in GM’s activities. 
2.5. It is prohibited to quarrel with GMs or question their actions. 
2.6. It is prohibited to send Party, Clan, Friend or Trade requests to GMs. 
2.7. It is prohibited to intentionally misinform a GM. 
2.8. It is prohibited to fully or partially disclose conversations with a GM without prior approval. 
2.9. It is prohibited to disturb a GM with requests to terminate an imposed punishment. 
2.10. It is prohibited to argue about the punishment imposed by a GM. 
2.11. GMs do not interfere in the game, except for the cases of rule violation and activities that hinder preplanned events or current game performance. 
2.12. Players are not allowed to mention real names of GMs or members of the Server Administration in the game or in the forum. 
2.13. A player is not allowed to infer that he/she has any personal connections with GMs or members of the Administration. 


3. Profiles and Characters:

3.1. All user profiles and their content are owned by the Server Administration. 
3.2. Once a user registers in the game, he/she agrees with the current rules and is obliged to fulfill all the requirements. 
3.3. A user of the Server is identified by registration information presented upon registration. 
3.4. Any procedures with a profile are performed once information presented during registration has been provided. 
3.5. The Administration has the right to deny the user access to the account in the case of null registration data.

3.6. The holder of a profile is responsible for all the actions performed under the profile regardless of who actually performed the actions. 
3.7. All the players must make sure that the software prohibited by the Article 4.1 is not installed on the hardware connected to the Server. 
3.8. In case if the password to the game profile has been stolen or lost, the user can recover the password using Password Recovery feature of the personal profile. If, for any reason whatsoever, the user is not able to restore the password, he/she can file a request for password recovery. 
3.9. The Administration is not obliged to recover any items, accounts, characters and their parameters lost by players for any reason whatsoever. 
3.10. Items recovery in accordance with Article 3.7 is left to the discretion of the Administration and can be made after a request has been filed in the appeal system in the Support section of the game’s website. 
3.11. The Administration isn’t liable for any game cheating and doesn’t recover any items lost for this reason. We recommend you to get familiar with cheating methods. 
3.12. The Administration undertakes all possible measures to secure profiles. However, players must ensure the security of their profiles as well. A secure password must consist of at least 8 digits and letters. Do not disclose your password to anyone, the practice has shown that most hacker attacks were carried out by user’s friends. GMs and support staff never ask for your password. 
3.13. The Administration is not liable to recover items lost as a result of a cyber-attack but leaves it to its discretion to recover item if the user has paid for the time dedicated to problem-solving. 
3.14. All guidelines for dispute, complaint or appeal settlement are described by Article 11 of the current Agreement. 


4. Game procedures:

4.1. It is prohibited to use any software that emulates user’s presence in the game or that hinders the normal performance of the game software. That includes programs that change or replace a client or that modify or facilitate game procedures not using playing methods, such as programs that show information about a character not specified by game developers (e.g. HP goals), that automatize the game, that automatize login procedures after a restart, that make advantage of defects and flaws in the game (e.g. temporary disconnection) and etc.. 

4.2. It is prohibited to use software that automatizes the game (an exception made for Trading bots and dwarves above the 40the level. The use of other bots, even inside the city, are considered to be a violation) or to use programs for a cyber-attack. You must notify the Administration of any cases of such violations. Examples of such cracking and automatizing programs are listed below: 
Programs that change game results, 
Programmed mice, macroses or other methods of automatization, 
Any other methods not specified in the game procedures. 
4.3. An unauthorized access to another user’s 
game account (hacking / scamming) and stealing game values from another player is prohibited.

4.4. It is prohibited to impersonate an Administration member or its authorized representative. 
4.5. It is prohibited to flood in a chatroom (general, trading of character’s chatrooms). 
4.6. It is prohibited to post offensive and obscene text messages in the general, trading and character’s chatrooms, as well as to insult other players.
4.7. It is prohibited to threaten other players. 
4.8. It is prohibited to post in a chatroom any messages that violate laws of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

4.9. It is forbidden to sell or buy any game items, adenas and characters for real money/ things/ services/ game currency. Exceptions are sales via Control Panel market system (if the one is active on the current server).

4.10. Mentioning any currency or any other money equivalent while selling or buying game valuables or characters is considered to be an attempt to sell for real and is punished accordingly. Exceptions to this rule apply to sales made with the internal currency and only if an item has been already displayed in the shop. 
4.11. It is prohibited to stand in other players’ way (e.g. sit in a narrow opening blocking the way). 
4.12. Insulting behavior, offensive language and any activities that aggravate the issue will be punished with a 1-month ban of the user’s profile. 
4.14. Rules for an epic boss kill 
- It is prohibited to use skills that affect the behavior of an epic boss and that cast a spell on the boss. 
- If a boss got stuck in the texture and his hit points exceeded 10%, the group of players must stop farming, make a screen shot and notify the Administration of the problem. The Administration leaves to its discretion the right to partially refund losses caused by the bug. The fact that the boss got stuck in the texture with hit points lower than 10% isn’t considered to be a failure. 
- It is prohibited to attack a boss from a place out of his reach. 
- The Administration recommends shooting a video of farming to provide a proof in case of a dispute. 
- It is prohibited to carry out an attack using skills that work incorrectly. 
- If the rules stated above are violated, the Administration reserves the right to eliminate a drop. 
- In the case of a repetitive violation of the rules stated above, the Administration reserves the right to ban characters that take part in the epic boss fight.


5. Server failures (bugs):

5.1. It is prohibited to make advantage of any server failures (bugs). The term “failure” refers to any activities not involved in game procedures and that are performed to gain personal advantage. 
5.2. If you have come across a bug, inform the Administration in an appropriate forum topic. 


6. Communication, impersonation: 

6.1. Obscene language is strictly prohibited in the game and in the forum. 
6.2. Advertisement not referring to the game’s Trading platform activities is prohibited in the game and the forum. 
6.3. Names (also used in the forum), titles, guild names and abbreviations that contain or refer to obscene language and insult other players are prohibited. 
6.3.1 Text messages and pictures that contain or that directly or indirectly refer to offensive, obscene or vulgar language or scenes are prohibited in the game and the forum. 
6.3.2 It is prohibited to use symbols bigger than the size 3, pictures larger than 200 Kbytes or to post more than 3 pictures, as well to use pictures with the total height exceeding 100px and width more than 700 px. 
6.4. The following character names are prohibited: GM names and names resembling names of Administration members. 
6.5. It is prohibited to use symbols of another clan or alliance. Symbols belong to the clan that adopted it first. 
6.6. Special attention is paid to the character’s chatroom since its activities are broadcast over the whole Server. Violation of the Server rules and regulations in that chatroom will be punished severely. 


7. Trading:

7.1. It is prohibited to trade in places that may be inconvenient for other users (e.g. in a narrow opening so that you block the passage for other players). 
7.2. It is allowed to post “buy/sell/exchange” messages in the Trade chatroom only. 


8. Recommendations:

8.1. General guidelines (failure to follow them may cause neglect of your request): 

8.1.1. Be polite while communicating with other players and GMs. 
8.1.2. Inform the Administration about bugs and failures on time. 
8.1.3. Follow GM’s recommendations addressed to you. 
8.1.4. Read through the forum, information on bugs will be posted there. 
8.2. Communicating with GMs: 
8.2.1. Do not use any greetings and questions like “Are you here?”, “May I ask a question”, etc.. Go straight to the point. 
8.2.2. Provide an accurate and explicit description of your request in one sentence. 
8.2.3. Use grammatically correct language.


9. Additional regulations:

9.1. The current rules and regulations may be modified without any prior notice. 

9.2. If any player’s action causes damage to the company or/and the game and if hasn’t been directly stated by the Agreement, the Administration reserves the right to impose a punishment commensurate with the performed act (as severe as profile termination) followed by introduction of an act description in the Agreements and a public announcement of punishing ability of such deeds on the Server website and in the forum.


10. Rules for GMs and support staff:

10.1. It is prohibited to artificially elevate the level and any other parameter of your own or any other character (support and GM characters are an exception). Exceptions to the rule are events that require such actions (e.g. bug testing, etc.). 

10.2. It is prohibited to interfere in the game by passing on your items and belongings by any means or by helping to upgrade a character, etc. (exceptions to the rule may apply to events, weddings, trading deals or testing procedures and only upon approval of the major GM). 
10.3. It is prohibited to threaten/insult players. 
10.4. It is prohibited to make advantage of you GM status. 
10.5. It is prohibited to teleport players without their approval, except in cases of rule violation. 
10.6. It is prohibited to make any accusations of the players not supported by evidence. 
10.7. It is prohibited to interfere in game battles if they do not violate the Server rules. 
10.8. It is prohibited to use announcements for flooding or for any other purpose apart from providing information. 


11. Regulations for dispute and complaint settlement, rules for submitting an appeal:

11.1. If a player was subject to any rule violation by other players or GMs, he/she has the right to file a complaint in the Technical Support section of the personal profile. 

11.2. Any user has the right to appeal against the punishment imposed on his/her profile or characters (ban, termination, etc.). 
11.3. To file an appeal, a user must go to the Technical support section of the personal profile space. 
11.4. Fill in the appeal form thoroughly. 
11.5. Enumerate reasons for commutation or abolishment of the punishment (screenshots, moral values, social status, having many children, etc.). 
11.6. Appeal text must comply with the Agreement regulations. 
11.7. Before sending a letter, take into consideration that one appeal letter is accepted for one account or one character, think your text through. Repetitive letters and spam are prohibited and will be punished in compliance with Article 12 of the current Agreement. 
11.8. The Administration is obliged to consider an appeal within 5 working days, take a decision on the level of restriction and send a letter to the user to inform him/her of the decision made. 
11.9. The decision about an appeal made by the Administration is settling beyond dispute. 
11.10. In the case of Articles 11.4, 11.5, 11.6, 11.7 and 11.8 violation, the Administration reserves the right to neglect an appeal and inform the user of the decision. 
11.11. Any appeals or complaints about decisions made by GMs and the Administration expressed by any other means will be punished in compliance with Article 2 of the current Agreement. 

12. List of penalties approved by the Administration:
12.1. If it is impossible to impose a chat ban (the player is not online), a ban can be given for the same or a longer time period.
12.2. Decreasing character’s parameters (delevel, SP annulation, etc.)
12.3. Character/profile locking for the period from 1 day to 1 year
12.4. Permanently blocked profile
12.5. Profile password change
12.6. Withdraw all of the player’s personal items
12.7. IP/subnetwork ban
12.8. If any rule violation takes place, the Administration decides on the measure of punishment considering the whole list of rules broken by the player.

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