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  1. joen1992

    BlackRock clan

    Hey ! Who can i pm ingame about recruitment? Nick ingame: lillelunter (overlord currently lvl 48)
  2. joen1992

    Neutralize Recruit English Speaking players!

    I mailed the leaders...nobody responded...seems like this clan doesnt exist anymore
  3. joen1992

    Clan Winterfell lf english speaking players

    Ingame nick? pm me, im interrested in joinning (Lillelunte)
  4. joen1992

    FAKE GM#

    Thank you
  5. joen1992

    FAKE GM#

    A guy named GM# is trying to convince ppl that he is from the gm team. If you recieve any pm's / mails here on the forum from him. Delete them. Dont pm the email adress he tells you to pm. Have a nice day
  6. joen1992

    Wolf, g wolf, fenrir

    Greaterwolf and fenrir doesnt exist on interlude..but since l2 remastered is mixed, then im curious, does gw and fenrir exist here? I want to be sure, before i lvl a wolf on the new server, that starts 23august
  7. joen1992

    BUFFS / MANA POTS and so on

    So if you were planning on going solo 90% of the time, you would pick dominator over doomcryer ?
  8. joen1992

    International Clan "Guild" Recruiting

    Cool So Ill pick dominator, makes no sence that both of us plays wc. I hope somebody picks some dd classes...gonna be slow until i can get my hands on a wolf
  9. joen1992

    International Clan "Guild" Recruiting

    What classes are you guys planning on playing? Ill be playing: dominator or doomcryer...not sure yet. Dont think ill box any classes. How about you guys =?
  10. joen1992

    International Clan "Guild" Recruiting

    I think ill start at 21.00 too, unless i get a chance of starting a little bit before. But most servers often need to restart a few times in the first hours...so i guess starting 2 hours after official start is a good idea:)
  11. joen1992

    International Clan "Guild" Recruiting

    Cool ! my bad, wasnt paying attention to the first post. The issue here is i dont know when the server is going to start, only that its at 20.00....not sure what timezone it is in. Currently its 19.05 gmt+2 here (Denmark timezone)
  12. joen1992

    International Clan "Guild" Recruiting

    NOBO The server starts at 20.00 not sure what timezone thats in, im in gmt+1 (Denmark). Do you want to start together? We can talk on discord, if youre interrested in that.. The start is going to be rough i think, so could be fun to start together. Maybe write down your ingame names here, ofc if u know you pick something nobody else does: INGAME NICK: LilleLunte Going to play: Dominator Clan: Nobo's clan
  13. The server starts at 20.00 what timezone is that in?
  14. I cant seem to find any download-able files on the webvsite, other than the Gameclient. Is the updater "build in" like when i extract the gameclient file, the updater will be there =?
  15. joen1992

    BUFFS / MANA POTS and so on

    What would u go for: Doomcryer or dominator (if you were going solo)