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  1. k1ngsta

    Doubt about the balance

    Now all classes are balanced, and casters and melee and archers.
  2. k1ngsta

    Doubt about the balance

    At the moment, the balance of professions will remain unchanged. If he has any suggestions, specific, then let him offer, we will pass on to the appropriate people
  3. k1ngsta

    Sphere of elements

    PVE atk/defence - you dont see this, this not physical defence, this is an addition to your damage for mobs. About speed or attri - you need equip this rune, check screen https://prnt.sc/piyqlb.
  4. k1ngsta

    Sphere of elements

    give to us screenshot of your problem please.
  5. k1ngsta


    Это намек что у Инвизибла уже 3я ходка, поэтому ему сказали до 19-00.
  6. k1ngsta


    Я не буду говорить сколько нарушений и тюрьмы было на прошлом сервере, скажу только что на этом уже 3я ходка. За 1й раз у нас чистка + несколько часов тюрьмы.
  7. k1ngsta

    Restart L2R New Server: 10/09/2019

    We announced tax on OBT. But for starting time we deactivated this.
  8. k1ngsta

    Restart L2R New Server: 10/09/2019

    delete folder "system" and make full check
  9. k1ngsta

    Cloak upgrade

    Now this working as you write. We will think about this. Thanks.
  10. Sended your question to developer.
  11. you have bad files or not full client (maybe dont full stoped defender windows and he dont give you downloads some files).
  12. k1ngsta

    Patience passive skill doenst work

    Patience increase P.atk skill dmg, not P.atk. This wrong description.
  13. k1ngsta


    Smart Guard now is best antibot system. We make all for block peoples who use bot, but all bots we cant block because when guard update defence - adrenalin update his bot in 1-2 days. He work on all servers. Captcha for bot is not problem, because he have alarm for captcha. We know alot of bots, please give to us this problem (this our work).
  14. k1ngsta


    for next time if you have questions or report you can write in ticket on master account.
  15. k1ngsta


    I send your message with captcha to developer. Can I help you yet?