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  1. [TT]Bloody

    Costume Description

    Hide/Unhide cloak would be good feature even with normal armor :-)
  2. Ehm, so how is possible, that new heros were announced today?
  3. [TT]Bloody

    WTB Arcane Sigil / Reinf. Arcane Sigil

    WTB Arcane Sigil / Reinforced Arcane Sigil PM in game: "ServantOfShilen Or PM here on forum Edit: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  4. WTB Arcane Sigil / Reinforced Arcane Sigil PM in game: "ServantOfShilen Or PM here on Forum Edit: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  5. [TT]Bloody

    WTS Many Characters 80 lvl / Noblesse / Hero

    Price for Reinforced Arcana Sigil?
  6. [TT]Bloody

    WTB Noblesse

    Whats the price of WC?
  7. [TT]Bloody

    List of skills Lineage II Remastered

    Thank you very much.
  8. [TT]Bloody

    List of skills Lineage II Remastered

    Hello, are u planing or is here servitor sharing skill? Because its feel kinda pointless putting att to weapon as a summoner if summon never will be hitting with att. Thanks for answer.
  9. [TT]Bloody

    Summon bar missing

    Ofc this works. But it`s not solution and every log in Initialize my interface. It`s little bit annoying as a summoner. It worked ok in the past. This problem occur max for 2 weeks.
  10. [TT]Bloody

    Fortress Dungeon

    Hello, Will be there some changes in drop from RB in fortress with stage 3? RBs showing S - Grade drops but dropping just A - Grade. Thanks for the answer
  11. [TT]Bloody

    Dual Sword Crafting Stamp

    You can obtain KE from dungeon instance in fort. Here is the link for description: https://l2wiki.com/Monster_Dungeon Rewards and levels are different here. Just read walkthrough description.
  12. [TT]Bloody

    Dual Sword Crafting Stamp

    Thank you.
  13. [TT]Bloody

    Dual Sword Crafting Stamp

    Hello, just wanna ask, if there is other option how to obtain Dual Sword Crafting Stamp or just from castle owners. I mean different way then buy it for Units in GM Shop
  14. [TT]Bloody

    WTB Kesh*Kesh / Damasc*Damasc

    WTB duals Kesh*Kesh / Damasc*Damasc PM me here or ingame "ServantOfShilen Or MAIL me ingame with payment request - ServantOfShilen I can buy swords separately too. Doesn't to be duals. EDIT: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  15. [TT]Bloody

    3rd stage

    Im not arguing with you and saying that its not true. But if admin are doing it like u said nothing change. If they share this numbers after 13 days of stage 2 (where numbers are something less before or something more behinde 1/2 goal to reach stage3) will be stuнигер to say that after 15 days of stage 2 goals to reach stage 3 was finally done.