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  1. Misha Molochnik

    Как дела?

    Interesno chto bydet dalshe?
  2. Misha Molochnik


    К большому сожалению, ограничен в количестве игрового времени, - поэтому так.
  3. Who cares about that stuнигер motherfuckers? Hahah, there are too many 中国人, hahah wanna fight with them, lol
  4. Misha Molochnik


    Было бы здорово если бы вы добавили эту информацию.
  5. Misha Molochnik


    Так и дропа нет. Может посоветуете чего-то?
  6. Misha Molochnik


    Не вижу спойла с сундуков. Как исправить?
  7. Holy Cow Valhalla's Den Paddy's Oshea The Family Bar Migos La Bamba STEPS Happy Hours Wudaokou
  8. Misha Molochnik

    Server restart 13.03.2019 - Olympiad change

    yea, thats really annoying!
  9. Misha Molochnik

    Клан Night, набор соло игроков...

    U guys are not online.
  10. Misha Molochnik

    .expoff is not working.

    .expoff is not working, why?
  11. Misha Molochnik

    Viletaet klient posle teleporta.

    Thx, hope it will work!
  12. Misha Molochnik

    Viletaet klient posle teleporta.

    I was kicked fronm the game after TP to Crypts of Disgrace. How to fix?
  13. Misha Molochnik

    PC is shutting down, when im in the GAME.

    PC is shutting down, when I am in the game. I played yesterday, everything was okay. Right now when im in the game try to move the character PC just shutting down. How to fix?
  14. How to fix this one? 2019.3.4 11:30:31 OS : Windows7(32) 6.1 (Build: 7600) CPU : GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz @ 2261 MHz 2047MB RAM Video : NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M (9610) PosCode : LS8(273) 108548:-174118:-415 4/1 [871] General protection fault! History: FSkinVertexStream::GetStreamData <- ULevel::PostLoad <- UObject::ConditionalPostLoad <- (Level 22_13.myLevel) <- PostLoadObjects <- UGameEngine::LoadMapThread::ActorLoading <- UGameEngine::LoadMapThread <- RunLoadMap <- __Thread <- MessagePump <- MainLoop
  15. Misha Molochnik

    when the server scamm you.

    They changed it mate. Now its just 3k instead of 5k.