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If you didn't receive the quest item from Nobless RB

12 August 2017 - 00:29

Dear players!


If you faced difficulties with getting the quest item from Nobless RB, and you are sure that it was your party that finished him (made a last hit), - then you need to contact the Support Team via Control Panel, and provide her with a screenshot where would be clearly seen:

  • that your party has finished RB (all party members have to be seen on the screenshot);
  • menu with your character’s status should be opened (confirmation that your char was on the sub class);
  • systems chat with a message about who finished RB and who received the item should be seen:

from now on, a message will be displayed in the system chat with the nickname of the character who made a last hit to RB, as well as all nicknames who received the item (examples: if party kills RB or if solo player kills RB);

  • and please also write in the ticket all the nicknames of the players who were members of the finishing party (with a note, which of them received "Staff of Goddess: Rain Song", and which did not receive).


In case you cannot provide the above proof, then the quest item will not be given.


Please pay attention, if you picked up a drop from RB, this does not mean that your party (or your character) made the last hit to RB! Drop receives the party that caused a larger dps to RB (and this party did not have to be finishing one).


Also we kindly ask you to send a ticket to the Support Team without leaving the spot (in order GMs could check your characters on the spot).


We will help everyone :)

(if the above conditions were met ;) )

Что делать, если Вы не получили квестовый итем с Nobless РБ

11 August 2017 - 18:50

Уважаемые игроки!
Если у вас возникли сложности с получением квестового итема с Nobless РБ, и Вы уверены, что именно Ваша пати добила РБ (нанесла ему последний удар), тогда Вам необходимо обратиться в Службу Поддержки через ЛК и предоставить ей в качестве доказательства скриншот, на котором единовременно будет отображено:
  • что Ваша пати добила РБ (и видно всех мемберов пати);
  • должно быть открыто меню со статусом Вашего персонажа (подтверждение, что Вы были на саб классе);
  • должен быть виден систем чат с сообщением о том, кто добил РБ, и кто получил итем:

с данного момента в системном чате будет отображаться сообщение с ником того персонажа, который нанес последний удар по РБ, а также ники всех, кто получил итем (примеры: добила пати или добил соло игрок)

  • а также напишите в тикете все никнеймы игроков, которые были в добивающей пати (с пометкой, кто из них получил "Staff of Goddess: Rain Song", а кто не получил).
В случае, если вы не можете предоставить вышеуказанные доказательства, то квестовый итем не будет выдан.
Обратите, пожалуйста, внимание, что поднятие дропа с РБ не означает, что Ваша пати (или Ваш персонаж) нанесла последний удар! Дроп получает та пати, которая нанесла больший дпс по РБ (при этом эта пати не обязательно была добивающей).
Также убедительно просим Вас направлять тикет в Службу Поддержки, не покидая места происшествия (для того, чтобы ГМы могли проверить ваших персонажей на месте).
Всем мир, всем поможем :)
(если были соблюдены условия ;) )

DDoS attack was eliminated, discussion and suggestions on x30

06 August 2017 - 15:23

Dear players!
We felt a strong DDoS attack on the server on the day of its launch, but at the moment the attack is eliminated and lags are not detected.
We received a lot of feedback from the players, and in the near future the following changes will be introduced with server restart:
  • In connection with a large number of players, we have increased the number of monsters in the Shrine of Locality location (3rd profession quest);
  • Duration of pet's buff will be increased up to 60 minutes;
  • Drop of one-piece items (equipment, pieces, etc.) will be increased;
  • Now NPC Buffer gives all the buffs to the pet - the problem is fixed;
  • Additional proxy servers were added
  • Duels were disabled
  • Subclass and Noblesse RB's will be level 80
We kindly request! If you have any constructive suggestions, describe them in this section or in this forum topic. We will try to answer all.

Changes in the epics' respawn.

01 June 2017 - 23:01

Recent changes on the server:
Baium - 5 days, from 20:00 to 00:00 (gmt+3)
Antaras - 8 days, from 20:00 to 00:00 (gmt+3)
Valakas - 11 days, exactly at 22:00 (gmt+3)

Easter Event on Midgard x5

19 April 2017 - 02:31

Change language:





Easter Event on Midgard x5
Dear players! Due to the Easter holiday we have prepared for you a unique Event on Valhalla-age Midgard x5.
For the correct game client work please download the latest updates through the launcher.
Or download the mini-patch for the game client: mini-patch.

Collect the paint, color the eggs and get Valhalla Coin.


Attention! Valhalla Coin can be exchanged to boxes with prizes from Secret Trader Valdes in every town.


Event start: April 17

Event end: May 5


A full description of the event is also available in the game from NPC Melinda.




_zpsuds5snqm.png Event prizes

Since April 17 in all cities appeared Secret Trader Valdes where you can exchange Valhalla Coin for boxes with useful prizes:

Attention! Products from Valdes are also available for Coin of Luck.




What can I get from the Valdes' boxes:

* Drop is also mentioned in the in-game description of the boxes (please update the game client for correct displaying).
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_zpsuds5snqm.png How can I get Valhalla Coin?

To get Valhalla Coin, you need to complete the task from Melinda. She can be found in the town of Aden in the square:




To get started, you'll need at least 10 831559bcc3.jpg Simple Easter Eggs that have started to fall from monsters since April 17.


Melinda in her quest will ask you to find the color trees, and paint simple eggs with their help. During completing the task you will receive colored eggs.


Way to get Valhalla Coin №1:

After painting simple eggs, you can finish the task and exchange the painted eggs on Valhalla Coin 1 to 1 from Melinda (1 painted egg = Valhalla Coin)


Way to get Valhalla Coin №2:

If you colored the eggs and did not finish the Melinda task, you can color the big eggs on the Aden square by guessing their color. For each guessed color you will receive 20 Valhalla Coin and a random prize:



If you have not guessed the color of the eggs, you lose one of your own painted egg from the inventory.


Additionally: After all the big eggs in the Aden square will be painted, the fireworks show will begin and after about 5 minutes the eggs will start to break and prizes will fall out of them.




_zpsuds5snqm.png How to perform Melinda' task?


Navigation, moving between towers:

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How to get colored eggs?

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