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Update Interlude Final 1.2 - 21 May

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Posted 21 May 2018 - 02:19

Interlude Final - 21.05.2018

Update 1.2


Interlude Final 1.2 update - going to be implemented on game server on 21 May


Please launch Updater Interlude Final to have up-to-date files.




1. Changes in CP Shop assortment.


New packages with Family Coin

  • Package №1
    • c03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png 105 Family Coin
    • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.png Rune +30% EXP+SP for characters 1-80 level (5h)
  • Package №2
    • c03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png 265 Family Coin
    • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.png Rune +50% EXP+SP for characters 1-80 level (5h)
    • coupon_acc.png Coupon for Accessory
  • Package №3
    • c03b8f8c864c4b1490ad00bb4d3b.png 550 Family Coin
    • br_four_leaf_clover_box_i00.png Rune +50% EXP+SP for characters 1-80 level 5h) - 2 q-ty.
    • pi_high_agathion_bracelet_i00.png Riding mount
    • coupon_acc.png Coupon for Accessory

Purchase packages




2. Changes in Shop assortment (NPC Butler)



  • 3rd class trasfer available for 50 Family Coin
  • Sub-class available for 50 Family Coin
  • "My Teleports" items has been added
  • Family Coin and Accessory Coupons has need added:
Скрытый текст




3.  etc_adena_i00.png Adena drop rate (from х7 to х3)

  • 1-39 monster level - rate x7;
  • 40-51 monster level - rate x6;
  • 52-60 monster level - rate x5;
  • 61-75 monster level - rate x4;
  • 76+ monster level - rate x3.




4. Nobless status:




Now to receive Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song (item that need to obtain nobless status) you just need to hit Raid Boss before he died. Please mention: you need to be alive and near the Boss when he will be killed. Regular quest with party hasn't be changed.

  • Useful information:
    • To receive item when you are not in a "last hit" party - you need to be level 78 or lower (character with sub-class level 79 and 80 will not receive item!)
    • Character need to be closer than 1500 range from Boss;
    • You character need to be alive;
    • Regular quest hasn't been changed (with party lasthit)




5. Changes at NPC Pathfinder Worker




List of buffs for 1-19 level

Скрытый текст


List of buffs for 40-51 level

Скрытый текст


List of buffs for 52-60 level

Скрытый текст


List of buffs for 61-75 level

Скрытый текст


List of buffs for 76+ level

Скрытый текст




6. Grand Olympiad Game Achievements




bbd4782854.jpg Now you will have special achievements, which related with Grand Olympiad Games, for example:

  • Participation in the fights;
  • Winning in the fights;
  • Win-streak in the fights.




7. Changes in Nobles Gate Passes Olympiad store.



  • Price for EWB, EWA, EWS has beed decreased in 5 times;
  • Price for EAB, EAA, EAS has beed decreased in 5 times;
  • Price for BEWB, BEWA, BEWS has beed decreased in 5 times;
  • Price for BEAB, BEAA, BEAS has beed decreased in 5 times;
  •  Etc_codex_of_giant_i03_0.jpg Giant Codex - Mastery has been added for 13.750 etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.png Noblesse Gate Passes




8. Changes in skills


darkelf_shillien_saint.png Shilien Saint

Скрытый текст

elf_evas_saint.png Eva's Saint

Скрытый текст

human_hierophant.png Hierophant

Скрытый текст

human_arcana_lord.png Arcana Lord, elf_elemental_master.png Elemental Master, darkelf_spectral_master.png Spectral Master

Скрытый текст

human_sagittarius.png Sagittarius

Скрытый текст

elf_moonlight_sentinel.png Moonlight Sentinel

Скрытый текст

darkelf_ghost_sentinel.png Ghost Sentinel (Phantom Ranger)

Скрытый текст

elf_mystic_muse.png Mystic Muse, human_archmage.png Archmage, darkelf_storm_screamer.png Storm Screamer

Скрытый текст

orc_dominator.png Dominator

Скрытый текст

orc_doomcryer.png Doom Cryer

Скрытый текст

human_adventurer.png Adventurer (Treause Hunter), elf_wind_rider.png Wind Rider (Plains Walker)

Скрытый текст

darkelf_ghost_hunter.png Ghost Hunter (Assasin > Abyss Walker)

Скрытый текст

darkelf_shillien_knight.png Shilien Knight (Palus Knight)

Скрытый текст

darkelf_bladedancer.png Blade Dancer

Скрытый текст

orc_tyrant.png Tyrant

Скрытый текст

human_duelist.png Duelist

Скрытый текст

human_warlord.png Warlord, dwarf_warsmith.png Warsmith, elf_temple_knight.png Temple Knight, human_paladin.png Paladin, human_dark_avenger.png Dark Avenger

Скрытый текст




9. Changes in skill enchantment system:

Now you can enchant:

  • skill1461_0.png Chant of Protection - additional physical crit. resistance.
Скрытый текст
  • post-27815-0-05001700-1525577844.png Burning Rage - additional slow.
Скрытый текст
  • skill0235_0.png Robe Mastery (only for Elven ElderShilien ElderBishop) - additional magic defence
Скрытый текст
  • skill0110_0.png Ultimate Defense (Lvl: 2) - Decrease penalty
Скрытый текст
  • Skill0368_0.jpg Vengeance - Decrease penalty
Скрытый текст
  • skill0313_0.png Snipe - Decrease penalty
Скрытый текст
  • skill0414_0.png Dead Eye - Decrease penalty of attack speed
Скрытый текст
  • skill0413_0.png Rapid Fire - снижение штрафа дальности атаки
Скрытый текст
  • Skill_122_1.jpg Hex - Attack enchantment
Скрытый текст




10. Changes in drops of Life Stone:

  • etc_mineral_general_i03.png ​Life Stone 1-76 level - drop rate has been increased;
  • etc_mineral_special_i03.png Mid Life Stone 1-76 level - drop rate has been increased;
  • etc_mineral_rare_i03.png High Life Stone 1-76 level - some changes in drop, rate has been increased;




11. Other changes


We are glad that you've read the full list of changes and you worth to receive some reward! 

  • Buff skill1044_0.png Blessing of Revelations now can be Alt+click.
  • More details:
    • Buffs can be received when certain period of Seven Signs.

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