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[Gracia Final x15] New location and Raid Boss!

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Posted 07 March 2018 - 12:25

New closed location with the Raid Boss



Dear players!


Starting from March 8 new dangeon will be available on the Ragnarok X15 server, where the new raid boss will be located for groups from 18 to 45 players.


On the Gracia island Ancient Giant, whose name is Cronus is awakened from ancient sleep. The Alliance of Ketzerossa encourages the Elmoreden clans to gather all their strengths, to unite into groups and go to war with the ancient evil!


Event description:

Скрытый текст

Detailed information about the event:

  • Event start: March 8 (with the morning restart)
  • Event end: endless
  • You can enter the instance zone through the NPC Lucius, which is located in the Gludio town.
  • Only characters level 70-85 can enter the instace zone.
  • Entrance to the instance zone is available for the command channels from 18 to 45 members (2-5 parties).
  • To enter the instance zone a command channel leader has to talk to NPC Lucius
  • Only characters level 70-85 can participate in the raid.
  • A new quest connected with the raid boss of this dungeon was added to Pathfinder Worker.
  • Instance zone rollback and receiving new tasks from Pathfinder Worker takes place daily at 6:30 am by server time (GMT+3);
  • The mechanics of receiving quest rewards: The quest is counted to the player who made the last hit to RB (if the player is in the party - the whole party gets a reward, if in the command channel - the whole channel gets a reward, if a player is out of a party - the reward goes to the one who made the last hit).


Where the quest begins:

Скрытый текст


Quest reward:

  • EXP: +314 891 373
  • SP: +32 000 000

Soul Crystal enchantment on the raid boss:

  • etc_crystal_red_i00.png The party, which make the last hit can also enchant SA 11-14 levels.

Raid boss drop:

  • Etc_warding_orb_red_i00_0.jpg Saerom's Bead - A-Grade (a bead needed for alternative creation of A-Grade Foundation weapon)
  • Etc_warding_orb_green_i00_0.jpg Saerom's Bead - S-Grade (a bead needed for alternative creation of S-Grade Foundation weapon)
  • Br_spell_books_sword_i00_0.jpg Archer's Will
  • Br_spell_books_sword_i00_0.jpg Magician's Will
  • Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05_0.jpg Enchant Scroll S-grade
  • etc_plate_silver_i00.png Equipment parts
  • etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01.png Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
  • etc_scroll_of_return_i01.png Blessed Scroll of Escape
  • weapon_arcana_mace_i00.png S-grade Weapon
  • armor_t88_u_i00.png S-grade Equipment
  • accessory_tateossian_necklace_i00.png S-grade Jewelry
  • Weapon_dynasty_crusher_i00_0.jpg S80 Weapon
  • Armor_t91_uke_i00_0.jpg S80 Equipment
  • Accessary_dynasty_necklace_i00_0.jpg S80 Jewelry

Creation of Foundation (RAR) weapon by using Neolithic Crystal:

  • To get Foundation weapon, you need to bring to NPC N weapon of A or S grade, and A or S grade sphere.
  • When exchanged, SA is not reset.
  • When exchanged, Enchantment is not reset.
  • When exchanged, Attribute is not reset.
  • Weapon with PVP-insertion can not be accepted (canceled).
  • Weapon with Life Stone can not be accepted (canceled).

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